How I was attracted by the magic of working with pallets


LIVING IN PLANET PALLET                                                                                                           

© Pedro Redig (transcription article from The Archer)

“The summer has gone but it was the ideal time for DIY, decorating, gardening and working on allotments. I would like to add pallet making to this list.

It is a fascinating challenge and hobby in these hot months. I had collected those industrial rejects for a while and left them in my front garden – literally behind the bush.

One day after clearing our decking, I decided to get rid of a pallet that was a mess of pots, plants and other garden material. I cut it in two pieces and suddenly I had built two shelves for displaying little plants.

To make objects out of pallets is not rocket science but you need a lot of creativity to get over the obstacles posed by the joists that hold those platforms together. It is also great exercise.

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 20.35.47
An article I wrote for The Archer helped the sale of a bench for local business Barber Shed (© The Archer)

You can plan what you want to do but you have to be flexible and adapt your ideas to the way the pallet is built.

You have to leave metric precision aside because sometimes the shape of the pallet dictates what you can do. It is amazing to see how the pieces end up fitting into each other – like a giant Lego jigsaw.

Pallets are the latest fashion in the trendy bars of Shoreditch and Hackney and are popular in some cafes up in Whetstone. The rustic look adds to the appeal that this kind of recycling is cool and good for the environment.

Everyday, hundreds of businesses have to get rid of pallets. Our streets are full of houses being done up with a skip in front and pallets all around.  It is much easier to find them in London than in cities like Paris, New York or Rio where people live more in apartments. Here they refurbish their houses,  making this city the big capital of planet pallet.” (published September 2007 by The Archer, local newspaper of the East Finchley community in North London)



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