Pallet Passion: it is never too late to find a new meaning in life

Can you find a new passion at 63? Well I did. I fell in love with pallets — and decided to create all kinds of furniture out of them. 

Pallets are a serious industrial waste but can be recycled into beautiful products — and this is good for the environment. When you start cutting it, even the pieces that are left over can be used later – and they fit exactly where needed. In a way, it is like playing with Lego where all objects find a place in the jigsaw. Watch the example of this multi layered three-seater sofa lounger. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

With their rustic look, pallets are a cool thing to have in the house or in the garden. We deliver products to fit every space. Beds, sofas, tables, beds, shelves and lots of different types of garden furniture. 

They are hand made in their original clear wood and go through a process that includes sanding and wood preserver. They are also ready to be varnished or painted with any colour(s) required.  Check below how a dirty old panel can become a nice dresser!? 

I worked half a century as a journalist but found this new challenge more exciting than running after the news all the time. I am a Brazilian passionate about building things. When I was a kid, I liked to play doing tables and adapting old barrels into furniture. 

When young, I also enjoyed watching my father, architect Olavo Redig de Campos, making scale models of his projects with cardboard paper and even matchsticks.

Working recreating wood gives me a sense of achievement and it is also a great exercise. I feel good when I look at the final product. I am totally enjoying this different creative experience of making something good out of rubbish. I hope you enjoy it too!

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