10 useful tips for success making top pallet furniture


Pallets need to be created into different products. There is no point of putting three on the top of each other and called it a furniture because it isn’t. It is only three pieces of wood piled together. If you are creative and have the right pallet, you do can anything really – even a house.

The sky is the limit for pallets! (from youtube)



Pallet is like life – you can make something beautiful out of it or a mess out of it. You have to choose the right pallet for what you want to do. Those held by big blocks are good for surfacing, the ones with joists will help you to build posts and pillars for general garden, seating and table products.




The biggest challenge is how to de-construct or undo the pallets to use the wood somewhere else. The lengths are tight by strong nail screws that are difficult to take off without splitting it. You have to work slowly with a crowbar to lift the wood and expect to lose one in five or even less pieces of wood.

Pallets piled
Is tough to take the nails out of the pallets waiting to go under the hammer to become beautiful products ©Pedro Redig



You don’t need too many or expensive tools to get on with your pallet making. A manual saw, a hammer, electric screw driver and sander are the basic tools but my favourite one are the clamps that hold your piece together while it is still in the making. They help to keep everything straight.




Screws are the best way to build up your pallet product. They need to be sank into the wood. Whenever possible, also try to use wood itself to connect different pieces making clever encasements to join the parts. All my loungers have rests at the back detachable from the base.

sofa collection
Loungers are all fitted with detachable back rests for easier transport and storage ©Pedro Redig



My biggest fascination is to make pallet products that are good to the eye.This industrial refuse have a rough look that must be well packaged into our new product. Sometimes, it is worth adding other material such as fence panels to fill gaps and recycled decking planks for a different finish.




Pallets are desirable because they give you the feeling of real life in an increasing virtual world. They need to be rustic but they also must look good. There is a fine balance there between filling or not so many holes to make the product safe. Sanding and applying preserver and wax are also essential.

pallet piano
A piano bench requires a perfect finish! ©Pedro Redig



You can plan and pre-design how your pallet is going to be but I prefer to contemplate the wood and get inspiration for what I want to do. Sometimes, the way the pallet is shaped will impact in changes to your project. Be flexible and respect the pallet. The less changes you make the easier it gets.

Plant pot
Pallets can enhance beauty ©Pedro Redig



Always keep the leftovers as you go along. Because of the repetitive structure of pallets, sometimes you make a cut and the rest of it will fit in another part of the piece. It is like playing with a giant Lego and well rewarding when you see what you can achieve. Re-use it!




Pallets can be heavy. Wherever possible, try to do your furniture in different parts. I have a sofa/loungers in three lawyers: the base, the seating area and the rest. They are all interlinked by wood encasements. The panel of my dressers are detachable and joined by bolt screws. Enjoy your pallets! They are free and recycling them helps the planet.


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