Corbyn stops at planetpallet in a visit to Archway market

©Pedro Redig

Jermey Corbyn has paid a visit to Archway market in North London and stopped at length at my stand to look and talk about pallets. The Labour leader defied a heavy rainy day to mix with locals and enjoy the new feeling of the area.

Corbyn at planetpallet
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn enjoys this outstanding planetpallet chair ©Pedro Redig


Corbyn was particularly interested to see the regeneration project that transformed a scary and huge roundabout into a large plaza alongside the old Archway Tavern. The Saturday market now brings life to the square and is a big driver for necessary changes in the area.



Archway had a record of 115 crimes in December 2017, according to London Metropolitan Police. Half of that figure is shared by sexual and other forms of violence and anti-social behaviour.



Huge estates where social depravation is rife still pose a threat to the area near the underground station. A poster warns to traveller to look out for mopeds and an electronic sign, normally used for traffic, warns: “BEWARE OF THIEVES”


Corbyn has an allotment and is interested in the way pallets can be re-used ©Pedro Redig


Archway is near affluent Highgate and is changing for better. The plaza and the market are at the forefront of this challenge. They now have the support of the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Thanks for that ‘Jezza’!


The accessible Labour leader has a close look at the catalogue ©Pedro Redig


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