Planet utility launches new line ahead of the ‘Pallet World Cup’

Here we are celebrating one year of planetpallet. We are coming back to the summer festivals season with a beautiful collection and a strong variety of products.

Football’s biggest tournament happens every four years and 2018 is, in a way, like a ‘Pallet World Cup’ time for me, preparing to do well in the following big stages.

9 June > Crouch End Festival > 23 June Muswell Hill > 24 June East Finchley.                Come and have a look at our stand.

We will showing our whole collection that can be seen in the PRODUCTS SECTION of this site and introducing a new line of products.


Make the entrance of your house look nicer with this box with lid and door made from five recycled pallets to cover rubbish bin. 71cm wide, 82cm long, 116cm high. £150



Bicycle rack to fit three bikes with enough space for scooters and skateboards. 113cm wide, 57cm long, 70cm high. £120



Sleek TV stand with three shelves and plenty of room from all those cables around the back. 90cm wide, 53cm long, 39cm high. £150 (can also be used as coffee table)



Shoe rack with top shelf for bags and rug sacks. Handy when you have many shoes around and don’t know where to leave your bag. 90cm wide, 33 long, 90cm high. £130 (can also be used as standard shelf unit)





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