Planetpallet sets benchmark in peak festival season

We celebrated one year by returning to our local festival in East Finchley and added  Midsummer Muswell and Crouch End Festivals to our agenda. We also seized the opportunity created by the World Cup to put my unique football memorabilia collection at Archway market.

Our stands attracted huge interest and our top mark selling was a bench made of solid rustic wood. People were amazed to see how we transform industrial waste into beautiful pieces made of recycled pallets.

We build a wide range of products for home and garden and we also take commissions. Your support is essential to allow us to carry on our mission to live in a nicer world.

First, the pictures from East Finchley Festival



We were also at Crouch End and Midsummer Muswell events in North London



I sign this blog off with a picture of the alternative stand we are having during the World Cup at Archway market

Planetpallet craftstman Pedro Redig finds time to put half a century of football memorabilia on show at Archway during World Cup 2018





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