About us



We deliver unique furniture out of pallets for home and garden use. We strive to create products that keep a strong rustic look and are also objects of desire to be admired and enjoyed.

I worked as a journalist all my life. In June 2017 i started to make pallet furniture in my backyard ad I am loving it. I converted a garden office into a workshop to keep working throughout the winter.

After working 40 years in the media, the challenge to build things out of pallets has been fascinating. You can basically do anything – even a hut or a house!

A full house all made of pallets (youtube)

We transform industrial waste in high quality products. We believe pallets can help to create a better world and we vow to preserve and reinvent their natural beauty.

My most famous piece so far is a bench that stands in the pavement of the Barber Shed shop just beside the Phoenix, London’s oldest cinema still in activity. 

I hope that this website can bring together people who have an attraction for recycled furniture. It is a fashion spreading to many businesses – and the rough look gives a touch of sophisticated simplicity. 

We have a simple site. Our blogs, a page with our product collections and all the details and prices. Videos show what do I do to transform pallets into attractive furniture.

We are also happy and proud that our activity is good for the environment. 

We can change the pallets! And you can save the planet!

You can also find us https://www.facebook.com/planetpallet/  @planetpallet (twitter), on instagram and youtube.