resized archway stallPlanet Pallet offers stylish and original furniture for home and garden.  All our products are treated with wood preserver and can be delivered free of charge in selected areas of North London. 

We have three style lines on offer:


Dresser ideal for kitchen use featuring a three-shelve unit with extra two on back panel. Measuring 93cm wide by 92cm high, 57cm deep and back panel 1.8m high. £350


resized dresser full


Shoerack with top shelf for bags and rugsacks. Handy when you have many shoes around and don’t know where to leave your bag. 1.04 metre high, 66cm cm width. 40 cm depth. from £120 (item on show sold but orders accepted)



Coffee table in two levels measuring 88cm wide by 53cm deep and 43cm high. £150

Stylish coffee table ©Pedro Redig


Table with transparent perspex at the top allowing the display of personal memorabilia that can be seen through. A unique piece of furniture measuring 57.5cm wide by 51cm deep and 48.5cm high (with wheels). £100 

Clever coffee table
Transparent solution personalizing your furniture ©Pedro Redig


Small box side table measuring 51.5cm wide, 43cm deep and 37cm high. £40

Thinking inside the little box ©Pedro Redig


Simple, elegant, three-level shelf for use in the house or outside. 98cm wide, 34 deep and 95cm high. £100

A shelf that can be used for books, objects, photos, etc ©Pedro Redig


Bench standing at the front of Barber Shed shop, just by Phoenix Cinema in East Finchley. £250 (sold but orders accepted)



Two-seater bench for garden and also indoors use. Total height 90cm, seat height 45cm, 1.14 metre wide, 44.5cm deep. (sold but available from £200)

This bench is a fine piece of furniture ©Pedro Redig


Single bench measuring 97cm long by 67cm wide and 44cm high. With special boxes to fit drinks, books, newspapers and other objects. £200

The boxes on the sides are handy to keep glasses, bottles and the lower area is ideal to keep newspapers and books ©Pedro Redig


Compact, low level lounger 93cmm wide, 124cm deep, 21.5cm high (with wheels) and 87cm for the back rest. £180 (buy together with low side table for £220) 

low lounger and small table
The lounger and the low table are a perfect combination to relax © Pedro Redig


Three-seater sofa measuring 183cm wide, 82.5cm deep, 35cm high (with wheels) and 80.5cm for the back rest. Priced at £300 

3-seater sofa style ©Pedro Redig


Big almost square lounger measuring 121cm wide, 112cm deep, 40cm high plus 90cm for the back rest. (Wheels could be fitted). £250

A high-end recliner ©Pedro Redig



Dresser dresser geared up for garden and DYI. 93cm wide by 92cm high, 57cm deep and back panel 1.8m high. £350

There is a place for every tool around here. ©Pedro Redig


Shelf unit for plants with three levels and equal measures of 78cm made from a hybrid mix of pallet and decking reclaimed wood. £150

resized shelves
Mixing pallet and decking recycled wood for an original hybrid look! ©Pedro Redig


‘Flying’ three-level plant box in stylish finish. 80cm high at the top, 56cm in the middle and 31 in the bottom box. 86 width, 89cm depth. £150

The three level box for plants look like a ‘floating object’ ©Pedro Redig


Plant box specially designed to go around the pipe for perfect fitting. £120 (sold but available to order)

A clever box around the pipe ©Pedro Redig


Hanging plant pot 97cm wide, 12cm deep and 16cm box height, 37cm total height. £40

Plant pot
Pallets can enhance beauty ©Pedro Redig


Box for general use measuring 110cm wide, 45cm deep and 34cm high (with wheels). £70

Jack of all trades – a solid box for storage and garden use! ©Pedro Redig